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SAFE Sexual Assault Fighters Elite logo. Created to build a force against Child Sexual Abuse.
It all started in a small northern California ocean town and this is where it ends.

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As far back as I can remember I knew something was wrong.  All the stories -- including my own -- of child sexual abuse from survivors that went unheard and ignored got me thinking how I wished for a more innocent life.


So, here I am talking about my personal story for justice for my own children and all the beautiful people who were not heard. Something was wrong with the high control group I was born into. I knew it as a little girl. 

I haven't talked about much about I have a rare and chronic auto-immune disease that was caused by unrecognized and undiagnosed sexual abuse when I was a little girl. This week I had the amazing opportunity to see an ankylosing spondylitis specialist at UCSF in San Francisco. First specialist I have seen since I was properly diagnosed in 1989. I finally feel a ray of hope living a more normal life with less pain. Suffice to say, the disease fuses my bones together and solidifies my organs. It's progressive and their is no cure.  Just wanted to share with you a little more about what I have been through from this cult and the hidden crimes on their children.
Please Share!!
This journey has not been easy, but I have come so far. I now recognize that I have the power to want to live again. It is possible, I'm doing it. I would love to help in any way I can and show you what’s been helping me. 


My trauma started in a small northern California ocean town and this is where it ends. I moved back here to heal and live again. 


I thank you for sharing my journey with me. 


Love, Romy

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