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Here is where you can find out more about me and what I'm doing from day to day to move forward and live again.


Haven Retreat in Utah..They excepted me!

I am thrilled to announce that as a child sexual abuse and cult survivor have been selected to attend Younique Foundation's "The Haven Retreat," in Utah, later this month. The Retreat hosts adult female survivors of childhood sexual abuse at a mountain location near Salt Lake City. For four days, selected women gather to "learn, reflect, and rejuvenate. At the retreat, participants experience a variety of activities to help heal from the trauma of sexual abuse." This is a huge leadership and learning opportunity for me as I lead the building of this new non-profit called Sexual Assault Fighters Elite.

It's not a costly endeavor but it is money I do not have. Once I get to Utah, all of my expenses are covered. But airfare and overnight accommodations at the airport -- a long drive from my home -- will cost just over $500. This sort of trip is in the GoFundMe budget now and is actually lower than estimated (see story for budget).

But we are still far short of our dollar goal. Our next hurdle is $200 to complete the amount needed for our upcoming IRS filing (The legal paperwork is nearly done and is paid, thanks to donors.) The $500 for this Younique Foundation un-reimbursed/un-sponsored travel would be next. I hope you might be willing to help push us to our next $700 milestone. Thank you!! Romy

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