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SAFE Sexual Assault Fighters Elite logo. Created to build a force against Child Sexual Abuse.

Here is where you can find out more about me and what I'm doing from day to day to move forward and live again.


My visit to a specialist. Alittle more about me I’m sharing with you. More healing and less hurting.

I haven't talked about it much but I have a rare and chronic auto-immune disease that was caused by unrecognized and undiagnosed sexual abuse when I was a little girl. This week I had the amazing opportunity to see an ankylosing spondylitis specialist at UCSF in San Francisco. First specialist I have seen since I was properly diagnosed in 1989. I finally feel a ray of hope living a more normal life with less pain. Suffice to say, the disease fuses my bones together and solidifies my organs. It's progressive and their is no cure. My GoFundMe page however has nothing to do with the funding my medical journey it's all about building a non-profit that will help and assist others to heal from the horror of silenced child sexual abuse. I hope you or someone will find it in their heart to donate to our cause. Just wanted to share with you a little more about ME and more of what I have been through from this cult and the hidden crimes on their children.

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