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Here is where you can find out more about me and what I'm doing from day to day to move forward and live again.


What a busy week I have had

Hello survivors and helpers. What a busy week I have had. Wanted to share with you what I have been up to. First of all I have been invited to work with a team here in California for working with legislation to change the laws for statute of limitations. Also I have contacted a personal injury attorney to find out if I can open up my old case of child sexual abuse from the early 80’s. My mama tried to protect me years ago and the elders shut the case down in this small town where I live. It was the same elder that called us girls liar, imagine that! I’m a fighter, it feels like an uphill battle but I’m not ready to give up. Also, last but not least I was quest speaker with Rick From Six Screen of the Watchtower “Romy Live” Come join me next Saturday 5 o'clock California time and talk to me. I will be starting my own live show soon..stayed tuned for that.



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2 comentários

11 de jun. de 2018

i look forward to hearing from you


11 de jun. de 2018

first let me say iam sorry for what you went through as a child abuse victim that is if your telling the truth about such a terrible experiance . ive been a winess since i was very young i fell away for a short period of time because of typical growing pains i was going through at that time in my life but i decided to return to jehovah because i knew it was the right to do. miss maple i know enough about our governing body to be able to say to you your claims of going to those brothers and your local elders and telling them what happened to you and they supposedly did nothing to help you…

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